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Yearly Cycle

About Waxing Moon Circle

Waxing Moon Circle is a working/training Wiccan Circle that meets in the Mountain View-Palo Alto area of California. Founded in 1982, WMC meets the first Saturday after each Dark Moon. We also teach classes the previous Saturday.

Our Tradition is somewhat similar to British Traditional Wicca. We welcome guests to many of our activities.

Yahoo! Group and Email List:

We maintain a Yahoo! group.

Please Note! This is not an online discussion group. It is of interest only to those attending our events: members, students, and friends of Waxing Moon Circle. Therefore, membership is not automatically granted to all who request it.

All requesting to join this mailing list will receive an introductory questionnaire. Membership requests without introductions are routinely denied, and those with no info in their Yahoo IDs are viewed with suspicion. New members are moderated.

Our email list is purged every Samhain (Halloween). Most non-members of the actual Circle are dropped then, unless they have been participating in the group's activities as a guest.

Event Schedule:

Circle Night:
5:00 Doors open for Potluck
6:00 Ritual discussion and set-up.
8:00 Ritual

Class Day:
2:00 Doors open for Potluck
3:00 Class, followed by discussion and socializing.


Robes, festive attire, or comfortable street clothes are welcome.

Please arrive bathed and groomed: unlike some traditional covens, we do not include a ritual bath on the premises. Also: No shoes and no smoking inside, please! Thank you.

Ritual Etiquette:

If you are not already familiar with Pagan/Wiccan ritual etiquette, please read up on it (including some items specific to Waxing Moon Circle).

Blessed Be

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